Kawah Ijen Volcano

The active Kawah Ijen Volcano is a part of a complex of volcanoes in Banywang Regency, Java. This popular complex is situated within Ijen crater with stratovolcano Gunung Merapi as the highest point. It is one of the world's most unusual volcanoes because instead of producing the usual red lava and black smoke, its underground activities result in bright blue flames rising into the air and some people even call it electric blue fire.

The Hanging Coffins Luo Biao

I eventually arrived at the entrance. As the people of the whole vilage have to get in and out of here, you are able to go see the coffins for free. In fact, you can see a couple of them before you even get to the gate. But then you would miss out on the museum, and if you’re fascinated by burial spots like I am, you would want to see the museum and the ticket only costs 20 yuan.

Bangkok Floating Market

Almost every traveller has in mind to visit the floating market on his first trip to Bangkok. Some will succeed to do so, but the large majority will be discouraged by the distance, the price of the tour and definitely the ludicrously early wake up time at 5 a.m. But why even bother waking up so early when there are actually more than five floating markets around Bangkok open all day, including a small but very nice one just 12 km from Siam Paragon? You can be there before lunch without having to sacrifice your sleep.