Types Of Photography

By YAU YUCHERN 4 days ago

I will introduce the 4 types of photography to you in this post.

1.Landscape Photography

The first type of my favorite photography is landscape, landscape is about an art of capturing the nature. They can be disturbances found in physical areas or man-made features. These can include tree photography, nature, deserts and beaches. It is also focus on the outdoors during specific seasons like spring, summer, autumn, etc. This is one of the most popular type of photography, as it can portray a scenery. People love to capture a beautiful landscape when we see one. However, we need to wait for the right light to capture that perfect moment. Moreover, while shooting a landscape, if you want a sharp image, use a tripod which will help eliminate the camera shakes.

2.Night Photography

Besides, night photography is my second favourite photography that I usually like to take. Night photography also called nightime photography and it is about capturing images outdoors at night between dusk and dawn. Generally, night photography is about long exposure, exposing the shot for seconds, minutes, or even hours in order. Time have changed and digital camera (in low light performance) have improved drastically in the last three to five years. In addition, people nowadays are always busy during the day and will rest at night so there will be less people that would go outside just for sightseeing. If you lived in the city, you could take pictures of the night view of the street, light of traffics and city view. But, if you lived in the outskirts, you could also take pictures of the night sky view such as the stars or even the milky way.

3.Macro Photography

Furthermore, macro photography or up-close photography have similar meaning known as extreme close-up photography of living creatures or organisms and small subjects like insects. It is also refer to the photographing equipment. In both of these photography, the size of the subject in the photograph is larger than its actual size. Moreover, as it is generally recognized as “macro” when you are increasing the size of an object in your picture from about half life-size. It is one of the most popular forms of photography for someone who is a nature lover just like me. The most popular macro subjects are insects and flowers but there are so much more beyond that. I would prefer to take the macro photo of plants or flowers than the moving creatures like insects because it is too difficult to capture the pictures using mobile phone.

4.Golden Hour Photography

Last but not least, "Golden Hour" photography is also one of my most favorite photography. Why it called "Golden Hour"? It is because the "Golden Hour" is the hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise. The "Golden Hour" is actually the time either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is low on the horizon so that the light becomes highly filtered with the golds, redness and oranges of sunset or sunrise. Besides, it only lasts about 30 minutes to shoot for the best moment. Hence, that time is also suitable for shooting portraits and backlit portraits as the light is warm. There are some tips for shooting nice golden hour view which include you may go to the beach to take the sunset photos and, you may also go for a hike nearby early in the morning for the sunrise view from the mountain. As I did both of these photos shooting before, the pictures that you took will look magical and amazing.